The Ginnungagap – 

The Universe, Multiverse where our ideas are from.  A place that has no beginning or ending.  Our playground. .

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In Norse Mythology, the Ginnungagap is the bottomless abyss that was all there was prior to the beginning of the cosmos, and into which the cosmos will collapse once again during Ragnarok, the “Twilight of the Gods,” only to be reborn as the cycle completes itself. As theEddic poem Völuspá, “The Insight of the Seeress,” describes the time before the cosmos existed:

That was the age when nothing was;
There was no sand, nor sea, nor cool waves,
No earth nor sky nor grass there,
Only Ginnungagap.[1]


Ymir, the giant first formed when fire met ice in the Ginnungagap

[1] The Poetic Edda. Völuspá, stanza 3. My translation. The original Old Norse text is as follows:

Ár var alda,
þar er ekki var,
var-a sandr né sær
né svalar unnir;
jörð fannsk æva
né upphiminn,
gap var ginnunga
en gras hvergi.