This is a story of a research crew who is trapped on a distant moon by an outbreak of war.

Also called “Planeta Desconocido”, This film was an experimental effort for us, trying new camera and graphic tools.
The filmmaking process is chronicled in the documentary “Journey to Planet X”, which can be checked out on its own page.

Planet X: The Frozen Moon was featured at the following film festivals:

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18 November 2012


1 July 2011

Supercon Geek Film Festival (won Best Florida Film Award)

21 October 2011

Lucerne International Film Festival

11 November 2011

Zero Film Festival

29 May 2012

Little Rock Film Festival

2 June 2012

Lighthouse International Film Festival

22 September 2012

PalmCon Film Festival

18 October 2012

Flyway Film Festival

11 November 2012

Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival

18 November 2012


10 June 2017

SWFL SpaceCon

Link to Planet X: The Frozen Moon IMDB page