900 years ago in the Duchy of Vasconia, a Visigoth named Amleth slew the ruling Norman lord Gervindill and proclaimed himself king. As the spectre of Gervindill continues to haunt Amleth, whether he is being pursued by a ghost or simply having bad dreams becomes an all-consuming question.

Ghost’s Realm was selected for the following festivals:

Rivet Nation Plague Doctor Festival, Coral Gables FL – November 28, 2016

RAIL: A Steampunk Journey, Goldcoast Railroad Museum – April 8, 2017

FantaSci Short Film Festival, Orlando FL  – May 13, 2017

Saints and Sinners Film Festival in MegaCon, Orlando FL – May 27, 2017

SWFL SpaceCon, Fort Myers FL – June 10, 2017

CTC Geekfest Film Festival, Killeen TX – August 19, 2017

Miami Independent Film Festival, Miami FL – August 27, 2017

Celtic Mystery Short Film Festival, London UK – October 29, 2017

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Ghost’s Realm was filmed at multiple locations, with special thanks given to:

The Ancient Spanish Monastery, North Miami Beach Florida

Loveland Castle, Loveland Ohio

Spencer Family Ranch, Morrow Ohio

Davie Ranch, Davie Florida